WLOS Schedule Reporting

Dial (828) 651-4600.
Follow the prompts to enter your ID Code: 2815 and Password: 355321.
When prompted, enter one of the status numbers below followed by the # key.
The system will ask you to verify your entry. If you made a mistake, you have the opportunity to correct it at this time.

You can also logon at http://wlos.com/weather/closings/report-local-closings and report it there (probably quicker). Use the ID code and password above 

You can view current closings at http://wlos.com/weather/closings

Things to know about how it works:
1. The closing will appear online, and on the tv ticker.
2. You can only choose 1 status at a time.
3. All statuses have an expiration date, depending on when you add it.
4. If you have a closing/delay that is not included in the list below, you can call their newsdesk at 828-651-4567 and have someone enter a temporary status. They will type it in manually, which must be done over the phone.
The ticker recycles at 10am and 4pm each day.
So if you want to list a closing for the next day, you should enter it AFTER 4pm.