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Mountain State Fair Prep Series

In preparation for the WNC Mountain State Fair (September 6th - 15th, 2019), St. Barnabas Catholic Church will be offering a series of talks on different subjects as they relate to the Catholic Church. These talks are strongly encouraged for those who will be at the Catholic Information Booth (formerly Apologetics Booth) at the Fair, but all are welcome, and the information is relevant for all. Come join us on select Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in JXXIII to learn more about your faith!

Memorial Rosary Garden

Check out the display in the Social Hall with information on the beautification of the St. Barnabas’ Memorial Rosary Garden.  Donations for this project will be accepted starting the weekend of Feb. 16th and 17th.  For more information contact Tiffany Gallozzi or Marcia Torres.