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Using God’s Gift of Time This Summer

Using God’s Gift of Time This Summer
It is so easy for summer to become a season of lazy boredom, especially when we may not be comfortable traveling. Helpful tools to fight this and have a great summer are to make sure we have daily prayer, a schedule to bring structure to our day, and some good spiritual or philosophical reading.

A Spiritual Detox

Learn how to detoxify your brain to be able to grow in union with God.

COVID-19 Update for Faith Formation

March 13, 2020

Dear Parents of Children and Teens in St. Barnabas Faith Formation and Youth Ministry,

The staff of St. Barnabas have been tracking the spread of COVID-19 and are doing what we can, in union with the Diocese of Charlotte, to slow its spread and flatten the curve of cases. As part of this effort, please follow the guidelines below for faith formation and youth ministry at our parish: