Classroom Use Requirements

All Groups Who Use Classroom Space:  Rooms have set furniture and setups. If your group uses any of our classrooms, it is your responsibility to reset the room in the way it is designated on the sheets just inside the doors. This includes pushing in chairs and wiping off table tops. No furniture should be moved from room to room …ever. If the room’s setup does not suit you perhaps we need to assign you a different room. No group is to use Rooms B 6-8 without previous permission and trained Catechesis of the Good Shepherd leaders. Thank you for your attention to these requirements. 

Facility Use Request - Regular Form

Event Date and Time
Enter the date the event will be on. If several days, enter the first date and describe repeats later in form.
What time will the event start?
Enter the time the event will end.
Does this event occur on more than one day?
If the event is to occur over multiple days, weekly, or monthly, for example, list the additional dates or sequence of dates. Be sure to include the last date it is to occur.
Event Description
Enter the name of the activity. It should reflect what would appear on the parish calendar and/or bulletin, if applicable.
Enter the purpose of the activity.
Enter a description of the activity (particularly if you chose "other" in Purpose of Event)
Indicate the name of the St. Barnabas committee, commission, or group you represent if applicable.
Indicate whether the participants are St. Barnabas parishioners
Enter the expected number of attendees. This is needed in order to assign a room of the correct size.
If you know which room(s) you would like to use, please list here. NOTE: if you request the social hall and ALSO want use of the kitchen, be sure to indicate so.
Extra Scheduling Factors
Are you requesting the use of St. Barnabas Audio-Visual Equipment?
Click link at right to download: Audio-Visual Equipment Request Form
Are you requesting use of the St. Barnabas Kitchen to prepare and serve refreshments?
Indicate the type of refreshments you will be serving and what (if any) of the St. Barnabas kitchen equipment, appliances, dishes, bowls, pots and pans, utensils, or consumables (paper goods) you wish to use. Note that refreshments can only be served in the social hall and JXXIII (no carpet). If you need to do prep work and/or cooking in the kitchen prior to the event indicate the day and time that you would like access to the kitchen for that.
Click link at right to download: St. Barnabas Kitchen Use Policy
Please indicate whether children or youth under 18 will be in attendance at your event.
For EACH room that children (under 18) will be in, TWO adults must be present that have had Protecting God's Children certification and meet St. Barnabas volunteer guidelines. Please list the applicable names for your event.
Please indicate whether you are requesting alcohol at this event (no children can be in attendance or in the building).
I have read, accepted, and printed out for reference the:: Alcohol Use Policy
Your Contact Information
Enter your first and last name
List the organization, commission, comittee, or club name if applicable
Enter a phone number (including area code) where you can be reached to discuss your request.
Enter your email address