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Volunteer Recognition

Dana and Paulette are two of the most widely known and loved people in our parish! How did that happen? It happened because they are two of the most active people in our parish, serving all of us. Whether it be as greeters, Extraordinary Ministers, Sacristans, volunteers for Parish Life events, or helpers with Funeral Luncheons (to mention some of their activities), Dana and Paulette have been there and done that! Our recent Parish Picture Directory happened because Dana, with Paulette's help, stepped up to tackle the task. It involved many, many hours of scheduling, checking in people for photo sessions, taking photos of parish groups, and doing layout of the directory for printing. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for making it happen. Dana and Paulette, we offer you a great big thanks for all you have done, and all we know you will do in the years to come!