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The Parish Life of our church consists of our activities that we hold for the enjoyment and fellowship of our parishioners, in short, the things we do for fun! These activities include our annual Parish Picnic, the Epiphany Potluck, and the Father/Daughter Dance. There is a great deal of work that goes into executing these events, including planning activities, meals, decorations, etc. Such planning requires people that can organize and execute, and that is where Jo Landreth and Bridget Babcock come in. For the last couple of years, in the absence of a Parish Life Commission Head, Jo and Bridget have made sure that our main Parish Life activities still happen! Of course they have help from our parishioners in the setup and cleanup of our activities, for example, but they steer the boat, and what a good crew they make! Many thanks to Jo and Bridget for their contributions to the fun part of our parish life!