Quince años - Quinceañera Policies

Quince Años and Quinceañera Mass Policies:

  1. You must attend a class given by the Vicariate. Call Antonio Garcia at 828-713-3210 for dates and information.
  2. Quince Años Masses are only for those girls whose parents are registered parishioners and attend Mass at St. Barnabas.
  3. The girl must be confirmed or currently in a Confirmation class.   
  4. You must attend Mass weekly. If you fail to attend Mass regularly the Quince Años Mass will be canceled.
  5. The church fee for the Mass is $500.00. You can pay Fr. Adrian Porras any time before the event.  If for any reason the Mass is canceled the money will be returned in full.
  6. The church must be cleaned after the Mass. All flowers and decorations must be removed.
  7. For music you can talk to Tiffany Gallozzi at 828-684-6098, extension 1310. Her fee is $200.00.


Policies for Quince años and Weddings here at St. Barnabas:
I will not celebrate weddings or quince años for those who are not registered and active members of St. Barnabas. My time and energy are for those who faithfully attend and contribute their time, talent, and treasure to this parish.
I am sorry that many of you are not happy with the policies at your home parish, but my obligations are for the people of St. Barnabas.

Políticas para Quinceañeras y Bodas aqui en San Bernabé:
No celebraré bodas o quince años para aquellos que no son miembros registrados y activos de San Bernabé. Mi tiempo y energía son para aquellos que asisten fielmente y contribuyen con su tiempo, talento, y tesoro a esta parroquia.
Lamento que muchos de ustedes no estén contentos con las políticas de su parroquia, pero mis obligaciones son para la gente de San Bernabé.

Fr. Adrian Porras