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Why Should I Become a Member of St. Barnabas Catholic Church?

Registration is the official way we join a parish community. Some people think that because they attend a certain parish regularly that they automatically belong to that parish. But without a formal registration that is simply not the case.

Your registration is important to our parish. Census numbers can determine how many priests are assigned to a parish, what benefits and obligations the community has to the diocese, and how many Masses and programs are planned and scheduled. 

Registration not only shows you belong, but may be necessary for certain benefits, like scheduling sacraments, obtaining sponsor certificates, participating in religious education programs and getting donation statements for tax purposes. Sometimes previously registered parishioners join another parish, or are inactive for a long period of time, but assume they are still registered here. When they want to come back to receive a sacrament, such as baptism or marriage, or perhaps enroll a child in the religious education program, they find that they are no longer registered here and must begin the process over. 

Committing to a parish is much like a commitment to a family,  school  or community organization. Just like you want the parish to be there to provide Masses, Sacraments, education programs and ministries, the parish needs to be able to count on you to help and assist in their mission; to be an active member. 

If you are a registered parishioner, your contributions can be tracked, and year-end statements of your contributions will be sent to you. We can only do this if you are in our system as a registered parishioners.

Are you registered with us? If you do not receive any communications or financial statements from us, then you may well not be registered. Check with the office to be sure.

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