Respect Life Committee

The Respect Life Committee of St. Barnabas Catholic Church is guided by the Respect Life Program of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charlotte. We are here to support and collaborate on all matters incorporated in the Respect Life field from conception to death. The best way to show Christ’s love is to value human life.

We need to constantly educate ourselves on pro-life issues and work for the dignity of “Life” as a parish, a community, a Diocese, a state and as a nation. We pray that we will be given the strength to proclaim and defend the sanctity of all human life. May God bless our efforts.

Respect Life Issues:

Abortion Contraception Euthanasia
Partial birth abortion Cloning Faith-based initiatives
RU – 486 Culture of life Fetal development
Post-abortion healing Capital punishment Natural family planning
Advance directives for healthcare Prenatal diagnosis Infertility/NaPro technology
Assisted suicide Disabilities Pregnancy support
Bioethics End of life ethics  

The above-listed respect life issues are addressed through collaborative work of various parish, diocesan and national Catholic ministries.

Organizations promoting respect life advocacy:
Catholic Voice North Carolina

March for Life: (Washington, DC)

North Carolina Right to Life

Human Life Action