Online Electronic Giving

Making your contributions to St. Barnabas Catholic Church is easy using  "ParishSoft Giving." 

ParishSoft Giving enables you to make contributions from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can contribute using a credit card, debit card, a bank account, or Google Pay.  You can make changes to your contributions easily, as well as view your giving history.  Contributions to offertory, Holy Days, facilities, or Diocesan Second Collections can all be made though the same link.  You can set up your contributions as a one time gift, or as a recurring gift (eg. weekly, monthly).


To set up a ParishSoft Online Giving Account:

  • Go to the ParishSoft Giving link 
  • Once there, click on the "Sign In" link
  • You will be able to choose whether you prefer text or email login verification notices
  • Wait for your text or email confirmation and follow included instructions to proceed
  • Fill out all the information to create your new ParishSoft Giving account
  • You will receive an email with links that allow you to give via computer, mobile app, or text
  • Once you have an account set up, you can set your donations up as a one time gift, or recurring.  You can contribute to the Regular Offertory, Holy Days, Second Collections, and/or Facilities.



Be sure to also set up your family's database account at ParishSoft Family Suite
This is a separate registration from Online Giving, but your giving history will also be available to you in this family database. Getting set up in My Own Church on the ParishSoft Family Suite also allows you to make changes to personal information that we have on file for your family, like phone numbers, addresses, emails, and to easily do things like register your children for Faith Formation.











Please see our FAQ's for answers to common questions. Still have questions? Please contact us! See contact info in sidebar.



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