St. Barnabas Parish Facility Use Overview

The parish facilities are used by numerous organizations and individuals for a variety of purposes. To provide proper support to each of these activities and to maintain security of the building certain procedures must be followed.

All users must make arrangements for needed space through the parish Administrative Office. A calendar will be maintained for each room in the building. Any necessary equipment or decorating plans must be made know at least 48 hours prior to scheduled activity. One individual from the group will be identified as person responsible for activity. Normally the facilities should be vacated by 1:00 am. For other than a parish activity the responsible person must complete a request form

Priority for scheduling of rooms will be in the following order:

  1. Parish activities.
  2. Specific organization (Knights of Columbus and others which support parish outreach programs.
  3. Parishioners – personal (wedding receptions, etc.)
  4. Non-parishioners. Will require approval by Pastor. Normally approval will only be granted for social/religious non-fund raising activities on a one-time basis.

For a non-parish event, as a minimum, there is a requirement for the requesting party to furnish a special event insurance policy. This policy can be arranged through the parish office (see Attachment B). A fee for non-parish sponsored activities may also be charged. See Facility Use Fees schedule on other page.
The nominal fee for non-parishioners for use of the church proper and/or the social hall for weddings or other gatherings will be $200. This is in addition to the stipends paid by the wedding party directly to priest, altar servers and musicians. This is not a clean-up fee. Clean-up is still the responsibility of the requesting party as defined in Paragraph V below. There is also the cost for the required special event insurance policy which is determined by the Diocese of Charlotte. Additional fees, if any, will be determined by the pastor.

Clean-up will be the responsibility of individual requesting the facility. Clean-up includes picking up loose trash, cleaning up any dishes used and removing garbage to the dumpster. Chairs and tables are to be returned to the designated configuration. The room must be cleaned prior to next scheduled use. If desired, a contract service for clean-up may be arranged through the parish office at time of scheduling activity.

Individual designated as responsible by organization for activity will be responsible for any damage to building and be required to see that all outer doors and windows are locked and all equipment is shut-off before departing. A key can be obtained from the Parish Office 48 hours prior to activity and must be returned within 48 hours after activity.

Parish equipment and furnishings may be used during the approved activity. Directions for kitchen equipment are contained in a notebook in the kitchen and are to be followed.

Persons using the facility are expected to provide their own refreshments. Nominal use of kitchen supplies will be part of the fee charged.
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