Faith Formation News

In preparation for the WNC Mountain State Fair (September 6th - 15th, 2019), St. Barnabas Catholic Church will be offering a series of talks on different subjects as they relate to the Catholic Church. These talks are strongly encouraged for those who will be at the Catholic Information Booth (formerly Apologetics Booth) at the Fair, but all are welcome, and the information is relevant for all. Come join us on select Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in JXXIII to learn more about your faith!

Religious Education and Faith Formation help persons of all ages come to know, to love, and to serve God as revealed in Jesus Christ. The aim of our program is to help persons grow in Christian faith so that they may respond to the message of revelation in an authentic and personal way. We foster a Catholic-Christian identity that gives perspective and unity to the many activities in which each engages. Faith Formation continues from the cradle to the grave; the nurturing and growing never cease; the generations have much to share with each other.The love of God is experienced through warm and caring relationships in home, church and community. Knowledge about God, our Biblical heritage and the teaching traditions of the Church are presented at appropriate stages in each person’s development. Through a developing process of relationships, instruction and involvement, Catholic Faith is nurtured. There are many opportunities to volunteer your gifts in Faith Formation.