Faith Formation News

Registration for 2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration is now open.

Instructions for those returning to faith formation:

To register for Faith Formation:
1. Login to your account at
2. click on the Faith Formation tab
3. Select “Online Registration” in the blue bar
4. From the drop-down menu, review your family data
5. Select 2021-2022 term
6. Add students
7. Submit

Your request will be approved within a few days! 

Registration fees are $50 for a child/teen, with a maximum of $130 for a family.
Payment Options:
- Pay online after you register at this link
- Write a check to St. Barnabas with "Faith Formation "in the memo, or pay in person with cash.



Using God’s Gift of Time This Summer
It is so easy for summer to become a season of lazy boredom, especially when we may not be comfortable traveling. Helpful tools to fight this and have a great summer are to make sure we have daily prayer, a schedule to bring structure to our day, and some good spiritual or philosophical reading.

Do you have important ideas or thoughts to share with others right at the tip of your tongue, or are you in a rut, saying the same types of things from the news or social media? Consider picking out a new book in our parish library! We have added some real gems! We also have some fantastic new DVDs. These will add fruitful depth to our conversations and relationship with God and His people. We are meant to build each other up. Find and share a new perspective on our Faith with others.

Faith Formation/Youth Ministry Registration will be available starting July 12th. All registrations will be online through our parish website. Registering early will be extremely helpful for our staff and catechists, especially this year as we may have to make adjustments to how we facilitate faith formation and youth ministry due to COVID-19. The registration deadline is August 23rd. Class sizes may be limited with at home options available. Specific details will be given as we approach the start of faith formation and youth ministry.


Actualización para RICA y Primera Comunión

RICA: Tenemos la esperanza de que ingresaremos a la fase dos de la re-apertura de nuestro estado a fines de mayo. En el caso de que se nos permita reunirnos en el interior en grupos de cincuenta o menos, tendremos dos misas para quienes ingresen a la Iglesia para Pentecostés. Las fechas de esas misas se publicarán cuando estén disponibles.Estos grupos deberán mantenerse pequeños para estar dentro de la ley, por lo que solo se le permitirá la asistencia a la familia inmediata y necesitaremos saber cuántos miembros de la familia asistiran, no habrá recepción despues . En preparación para su recepción en la Iglesia, deberá recibir el Sacramento de la Reconciliación de antemano. El Padre Adrian hará los arreglos mas adelante. ¡Esperamos celebrarlo contigo!

Primera comunión: Mantenemos la esperanza de que entremos en la fase dos de la re-apertura de nuestro estado a fines de mayo. En caso de que se nos permita reunirnos en el interior en grupos de cincuenta o menos, tendremos dos misas para aquellos que completaron la preparación para la Sagrada Comunión durante el año escolar. Las fechas de esas misas se publicarán cuando estén disponibles. (Aquellos que planean prepararse en el verano tendrán que esperar hasta más tarde). Esto incluye a aquellos en el 2do grado y aquellos en el grupo de jóvenes que ya han completado su preparación para este Sacramento. Estas Misas solo están abiertas a miembros de la familia inmediata para que podamos estar dentro de la ley. ¡Gracias por su comprensión! ¡Esperamos celebrarlo contigo!



Learn how to detoxify your brain to be able to grow in union with God.

Sunday, May 3 is the 2020 World Day of Prayer for Vocations.
Please click on the image to open a flyer with information about the World Day of Prayer for Vocations and prayers and resources for you and your family. 

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March 13, 2020

Dear Parents of Children and Teens in St. Barnabas Faith Formation and Youth Ministry,

The staff of St. Barnabas have been tracking the spread of COVID-19 and are doing what we can, in union with the Diocese of Charlotte, to slow its spread and flatten the curve of cases. As part of this effort, please follow the guidelines below for faith formation and youth ministry at our parish:

If faith formation and youth ministry are canceled, OR you feel unsafe about having your children/teens attend, please prepare in advance by

  • Picking up the grade-appropriate books/materials from your child’s catechist (this Sunday). For teens in youth ministry, I have YouCats or Didache books for high school, and 8th grade Faith & Life textbooks for middle school.
  • Creating a Flocknote account ( so you can send messages to other families and your catechists. Catechists will communicate regularly with you about what materials you and your child should read.
  • If doing faith formation or youth ministry at home, send texts to Simeon Willis (not the catechists) via Flocknote each week when your family has completed the weekly assigned reading. We will give each child/teen credit for this so that s/he will be on track for when you feel comfortable resuming faith formation/youth ministry, or it they are canceled, for when they are held again.
  • Most importantly: Praying for our parish, our nation and our world. People are increasingly freaking out. We want control over our lives, but that is an illusion. Life is fragile, and while we should take care of ourselves, this life is always only temporary. Be prudent, but above all, be prayerful! Help your children to focus on Christ during these difficult days ahead. It is morally good to be reasonably prepared at times like these, but we as Catholics must avoid fear. Fear is the enemy of faith. Only one can reign in the heart.

Some ideas for praying daily as families: the readings of the Mass, the rosary, the Bible, spiritual communions, etc. All are very beautiful and helpful in maintaining the faith and participating with Jesus in bringing all to God. One particular prayer I encourage you to say together for an end to this pandemic is the oldest known prayer to Mary. It comes from the Council of Ephesus in AD 431:

Beneath thy compassion, we take refuge, O Mother of God: do not despise our petitions in time of trouble, but rescue us from dangers, only pure one, only blessed one.

Let us pray this together, united in faithful hope in the love of God!

Sincerely in Christ,

Simeon Willis