Staff Directory

Picture Name (Click to Contact) Title Telephone
officevol's picture Valarie Brooks 828-684-6098 ext. 1306
stbarrec2's picture Wanda Cruz Receptionist (Tu, Fr); Admin Ass't to Religious Education 828-684-6098 ext. 1311
stbarsec's picture Suzanne Daley Secretary 828-684-6098 ext. 1307
stbarmusic's picture Tiffany Gallozzi Director of Music 828-684-6098 Ext. 1310
stbaradvocate's picture Jose Gonzales Tribunal Advocate 828-684-6098 ext. 1305
stbarbusmgr's picture Marilyn Jensen Administrative Assistant 828-684-6098 Ext. 1312
deaconmoyer's picture Frank Moyer Deacon 828-684-6098 ext. 1321
stbarpastor's picture Adrian Porras Pastor 828-684-6098 Ext. 1301
organist's picture John Psychas Organist 828-273-1240
deacon's picture Mike Stout Deacon 828-684-6098 Ext. 1373
office's picture Marcia Torres Business Manager 828-684-6098 ext. 1312
deacon2's picture Rudy Triana Deacon 828-684-6098 ext. 1314
stbarym's picture Simeon Willis Director of Religious Education 828-684-6098 Ext 1303